3 in a row! is a game seen on the Milkshake! website, but this time it is Noddy-themed.

How to playEdit

When you're ready to play, either click the "easy" or "hard" level buttons. Click on a character to match them. If you get 4 in a row, you will score bonus points. Different shapes will have lots of different characters from the Noddy in Toyland series. Click on the clock for more time (if you see it on one of the squares). The gae features music from the Milkshake! children's channel. The background features the inside of Noddy's "House-for-One", that makes kids overjoyed! When you click the play button, it will say "ready?" and "go!". The scoreboard is at the top of the screen, the sound and pause buttons are at the top right hand corner and you will see a timer at the bottom right hand corner to let you know how much time you've got. When the game is paused, there are 3 options: resume, how to play and restart.