Keep Your Eyes On The Seas! is an episode where Marge goes "sleep-driving" and Toot and the rest of the ships guide her back to her dock.


Narrator: One sunny afternoon in the Harbour and Marge was busy counting starfish without falling asleep.

Marge: One starfish, twoooo starfish.........ooooooohh.............threeeee......starfish........oooooooooooooooohhhhh........................time for some sleep after that!

Narrator: Marge counted on and on until here eyes began to shut down and down and down. When her eyes shutted down more, she started to calm down and fall asleep.


Narrator: Toot then started lifting Marge's eyes open, but when he let go, her eyes shut down!

Toot: Gee, that's some loud noises Marge is making in her sleep! Could her engine get jammed?

Narrator: No, Toot. That was the snoring coming from Marge when she sleeps.

Toot: Oh, silly me! No matter, it's still loud.

Narrator: Never mind, Toot. Let's move on to the story. When Bryan was having a snooze, the loud snoring was coming from his dock as well!

Bryan: Oh! What?! Where did that loud monst..........Oh, Toot. It's you. You nearly gave me a fright.

Toot: Oops, that was Marge's loud can hear it from miles and even when you're far!

Bryan: Ohhhhh that Marge! She always disturbs me when I'm having a fucking snooze!

Narrator: Sorry for the loud nosies, Bryan. Marge is becoming a fucking noisy purple and orange monster ship.

Lenny: Hello? Is someone there that needs waking up?

Narrator: Yes, Lenny. Marge keeps snoring everywhere she goes, even when she goes "sleep-driving" out of the Harbour!

Lenny: If there is someone that needs waking up, I've got my foghorn at the ready!

Narrator: Go ahead, Lenny. Lenny tried blowing his fog horn very loudly. His fog horn was even louder than Marge snoring! Until then, Marge opened one eye very sleepily.

Marge: Oooooohh.....back for another nap I suppose!


  • This episode's name is a spin-off to Keep Your Eyes On The Road!. Boats do not go on road.