Runaway Romance is an episode.


Bryan: Get away from me, and remember what I said: NO KISSING!!!!

Marge: I'm your fucking darn love interest! I can kiss you whenever I like, darling!

Pop: Yeah. Listen to Marge.

Bryan: You are a bunch of fools!

Lenny: WTF?

Toot: {running out of control} FUCKING HELL I CAN'T STOP!!!!!

Bryan: Am I seeing things or am I dreaming? No, it can't be! Is that........Marge?

Marge: You're not going anywhere, sweetheart! Gimme a kiss, will you?

Bryan: NO! Think, Bryan. Think! Think of running away from Marge and hiding in a safe place.

Narrator: Marge, all of a sudden, was heartbroken!

Toot: Sorry, Marge. I'm sure Bryan didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Lenny: Exactly right.............Marge!..............He's a real............pain in the..............arsehole!

Bryan: {hearing from a distance} NO I'M NOT!! Honk!! Honk!!!! I'm a fucking evil goose who kills angel boats like YOU, Marge!

Pop: Marge, have you ever played Cars 2 before?

Marge: {sobbing} .......No. Will you shoot me in the funnel as well, Pop?

Pop: Of course not, Marge! Everyone loves you, especially Toot. Cars 2: The Video Game is ALL about racing. Use your Wii controller and place it into your Wii steering wheel.

Marge: Thanks, Pop! You're making me feel much better.

Pop: Oh, it's so nothing. All it needs is a little support and big friendship.

Toot: {hearing} A "friend" ship? That reminds me of a joke!

Narrator: As Toot chugged down to see Pop & Marge, he told the joke.

Toot: What do you call a boat with lots of friends?

Marge: No............idea.

Pop: I know the answer! It', shit! I've forgotten it, again!

Toot: Never mind, Pop. It's a "friend ship"!

Narrator: Toot chugged down to the loading yard. Wayne was there.

Wayne: Bryan? What are you doing in this yard?

Bryan: I've come to run away from Marge. She keeps calling me a "sweetheart".

Wayne: Why? It's a nice name! If it isn't for you, that's fine.

Bryan: Also, If I peep round this corner, I have got a shotgun just to shoot Marge right in the funnel.

Wayne: Awww, no. Bryan, that's not very nice!

Toot: Exactly. Going somewhere, are we?

Bryan: If Marge sees me, I am going to have to smoke.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Bryan does impressions.